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Have your say on Leicestershire's Future Recycling and Waste Services

Added at 01:10 on 12 March 2022

Have your say on how Leicestershire Waste Partnership work together to deliver future recycling and waste services

The strategy examines what happens to your recycling and waste and how this can help reduce climate change and save raw materials.

The way we view ‘waste’ has changed. It is no longer something to just get rid of, but is potentially a valuable resource to be retained and reused or better still avoided altogether. Using the resources from waste can help to reduce the raw materials we need for producing new goods, which in turn has environmental, social and financial benefits.

The strategy has 11 pledges that sit alongside the government’s proposed national changes to waste collections in order to meet the 65% national recycling target by 2035.

The draft pledges include:

  • supporting and encouraging waste prevention
  • delivering reuse services
  • separate food waste collections
  • reducing waste sent to landfill to less than 5% by 2025

Each pledge is explained further in the full strategy and summary documents that can be found at:,incorporated%20into%20the%20final%20version.