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Previous Minutes

Draft minutes from the latest Parish Council meeting are made available on the Parish Council website and remain in draft form until they are approved at the next Parish Council meeting.

Minutes from previous Parish Council meetings are available to download below.

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Dadlington Neighbourhood Plan Committee Meeting Feb 24 Minut.pdf13 February 2024277kB
DSCPC Jan 2024 Minutes APPROVED SIGNED.pdf20 March 20242.06MB
DSCPC March 2024 Minutes SIGNED.pdf18 June 20243.36MB

Parish Council Meeting Minutes 2023 

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1 January 2023 Finance Committee Meeting Signed.pdf07 April 2023518kB
1 January 2023 SCPC Minutes Signed.pdf30 March 20231.25MB
10 October DSCPC Extraordinary Meeting Minutes Signed.pdf14 November 20231.31MB
11 DSCPC November 2023 Minutes Signed.pdf16 January 20242.31MB
12. Dadlington Neighbourhood Plan Committee Meeting Dec 2023.pdf11 December 20231.46MB
2 February 2023 SCPC Minutes Signed.pdf30 March 20231.97MB
3 March 2023 Minutes SCPC Signed.pdf23 May 20234.94MB
4 DSCPC Meeting Minutes April 2023 Signed.pdf23 May 20232.28MB
5 Annual Parish Council Meeting DSCPC May 2023 Minutes.pdf23 May 20231.34MB
5 Annual Parish Meeting DSCPC May 2023 Minutes.pdf23 May 2023220kB
6 July 2023 DSCPC Minutes Signed.pdf16 October 20231.74MB
8 August 2023 Dadlington Neighbourhood Plan Committee Meetin.pdf14 November 20231.69MB
9 September 2023 DSCPC Meeting Minutes Signed.pdf16 October 20232.68MB
Annual Parish Meeting Minutes May 2023 Signed.pdf18 June 20241.08MB

Parish Council Meeting Minutes - 2022

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1 Minutesfor PCMeeting January2022.pdf23 January 202376kB
10 Minutes PC Meeting October 22.pdf23 January 2023227kB
11 Minutes PC Meeting November 22.pdf23 January 2023226kB
12 Minutes for PC Meeting December 2022.pdf23 January 202381kB
13 Draft Minutes PC Meeting Jan 23.pdf23 January 202386kB
2 Minutes for PC Meeting February 2022.pdf23 January 2023118kB
3 Minutes for PC Meeting March 2022.pdf24 November 20232.19MB
4 Minutes for PC Meeting April 2022 .pdf23 January 2023744kB
5 Annual Parish Meeting SPC Minutes May 2022 Signed.pdf23 May 20231.02MB
5 Minutes PC Meeting May 2022.pdf23 January 2023239kB
6 Minutes PC Meeting June 22.pdf23 January 2023768kB
7 Minutes from PC Meeting July 2022.pdf23 January 2023193kB
8 Minutes from Extraordinary Meeting September 2022.pdf23 January 2023161kB
9 Minutes PC Meeting September 2022.pdf23 January 2023179kB
Annual Parish Council Meeting Minutes May 2022 Signed.pdf23 May 20232.24MB
Draft Annual Parish Meeting minutes from May 2022.pdf27 May 202293kB

Parish Council Meeting Minutes - 2021

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Minutes from PC Meeting 1Jan 2021.pdf22 February 2021102kB
Minutes from PC Meeting 20th May 2021.pdf19 July 202191kB
Minutes from PC Meeting 2Feb 2021.pdf22 February 202199kB
Minutes from PC Meeting 3March 2021.pdf19 April 2021422kB
Minutes from PC Meeting 4April 2021.pdf19 July 2021132kB
Minutes from PC Meeting 5May 2021.pdf19 July 2021111kB
Minutes from PC Meeting 6June 2021.pdf19 July 202189kB
Minutes from PC Meeting 7Jul 2021.pdf30 July 202198kB
Minutes from PC Meeting 9Sept 2021.pdf10 October 2021108kB
Minutes from PC Meeting Dec 2021.pdf05 January 202285kB
Minutes from PC Meeting Nov 2021.pdf06 December 2021125kB
Minutes from PC Meeting Oct 2021.pdf29 October 2021133kB

Parish Council Meeting Minutes - 2020

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1 January 2020.pdf26 November 202090kB
2 February 2020.pdf26 November 202097kB
3 March 2020.pdf26 November 2020102kB
4 May 2020.pdf26 November 2020133kB

Parish Council Meeting Minutes - 2019

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1 January 2019.pdf26 November 202096kB
2 March 2019.pdf26 November 202097kB
3 April 2019.pdf26 November 202092kB
4 May 2019.pdf26 November 202096kB
5 June 2019.pdf26 November 2020106kB
6 July 2019.pdf26 November 2020102kB
7 August 2019.pdf26 November 202093kB
8 September 2019.pdf26 November 2020107kB
9 October 2019.pdf26 November 2020120kB
99 November 2019.pdf26 November 202099kB
999 OCtober 2019.pdf26 November 202084kB
File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1 January 2018.pdf26 November 2020345kB
2 February 2018.pdf26 November 2020332kB
3 March 2018.pdf26 November 2020419kB
4 May 2018.pdf26 November 2020124kB
5 May 2018.pdf26 November 2020111kB
6 July 2018.pdf26 November 2020112kB
7 September 2018.pdf26 November 202099kB
8 October 2018.pdf26 November 202084kB
9 November 2018.pdf26 November 2020117kB
99 December 2018.pdf26 November 202086kB

Human Resources Committee Minutes

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Draft Minutes HR Committee July 2021.pdf19 July 202185kB
HR Committee Draft Mins Feb 2019.docx19 July 202133kB
HR Committee Draft Mins Nov 2019.docx19 July 202133kB

Neighbourhood Plan Committee Minutes

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
DNP Committee Draft Minutes Jan 2022.pdf05 February 202285kB
DNP Committee Draft Minutes Mar 2022.pdf01 April 202277kB
DNP Committee Draft Minutes May 2022.pdf10 June 202282kB

Finance Committee Minutes