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User Agreement

Views welcomed on a User Agreement for Dadlington Village Green

Sutton Cheney Parish Council are consulting with residents regarding a formal process for applicants to follow when using Council-owned land for events.

You might not be aware that any registered village green has special legal protections in that it must by law remain open and be freely accessible to local residents at all times. It is also illegal to use it for any commercial activity (i.e. for profit) unless as part of a charitable fundraising event with the Parish Council’s permission. Even then, the permissive rights to use the green must never be removed - ie no one can ever have exclusive access to it at any time.

This is why the idea of introducing a formal application process was originally proposed as it will allow the Council to fully understand what and how an event will be delivered and to help to identify whether any further licenses are required – i.e. live music or the consumption of alcohol.

Please click on the below link to view the draft document that contains a user agreement as well as some conditions of use that the Council agreed would be a good starting point.

We welcome your views on this draft document over a 3 week consultation period. Please email the Clerk your comments before the deadline of Sunday 3rd April for consideration at the next Parish Council meeting in April.

Draft User Agreement & Conditions of Use