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Fraudsters latest scam targets elderly community

Added on 01 March 2018

Leicestershire Police has seen an increase in reports of fraudsters targeting elderly or vulnerable members of our community by telephone pretending to be from a bank or similar organisation. The caller will typically warn victims that their money is in danger and that they must move their money into a “safe” place.

In most instances, the person making the call already knows some details about the person they are trying to scam, perhaps their name or who they are currently saving with making the fraud more believable.

The fraudster impersonates banking officials, the police or telecoms officials in order to gain the victim’s trust and encourage elderly and vulnerable members of our community to hand over their hard earned cash.

Needless to say the victims never see their money again.

Do you know an elderly friend, neighbour or relative?

Let them know that:

  • Banks will never contact their customers and ask for personal account details or pins.
  • Banks will never contact their customers and request transfer of savings
  • Likewise, the police, will never request personal account details or request a transfer of savings.

Let’s help prevent our vulnerable residents losing what can often be their life savings.